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Car Accidents in "Indian Country"

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Robert Satiacum was seriously injured when an alleged drunk driver struck the car he and his wife were in on February 26, 2007. Mr. Satiacum is the son of the late Puyallup Chief Bob Satiacum. The news article referenced in the link below indicates that the collision occurred in Tacoma, Washington.

Our area is home to a number of tribes and reservations. Tribal sovereignty–and potential immunity from suit–can easily become an issue in a personal injury case. People who enter tribal lands may well find themselves subject to tribal jurisdiction and laws.

Some of the initial questions which should be asked in case of a car accident or other injury-producing event in or near “Indian Country” include where it took place, whether any defendants are tribal members, what laws may apply and whether special claims need to be considered (for example, some tribes have contracts with the U.S. government and are considered federal employees for purposes of filing federal tort claims).

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