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Olympia Passenger Sustains Back Fractures

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A car accident last Thursday involving two Olympia men left the driver (Louis Otenbacher) in serious condition and his passenger (Jason Naki) with multiple back fractures. The driver was reportedly speeding and will be charged with vehicular assault.

The accident occurred when the driver lost control of his BMW and entered into oncoming traffic, colliding with a truck. Fortunately, none of the truck’s occupants reported serious injuries.

Mr. Naki or his family should ensure that the accident is reported to his own insurance companies. In addition to seeking medical benefits from the driver’s Personal Injury Protection coverage he is entitled to lost compensation benefits. (Personal Injury Protection is “no fault” coverage.) Of course he will likely have a claim against Mr. Otenbacher (and, indirectly, his liability insurance carrier) as well to recover the entire extent of his damages.

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