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Spate of Accidents in Kitsap County Injures Several; Bremerton Woman Killed

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A number of motor vehicle collisions have occurred lately in Kitsap County, some of which are apparently attributable to slick and icy roads. Gemma Zapata Collins of Bremerton was killed in a crash after apparently losing control on an icy road. Fortunately, the driver of the truck she collided with is reportedly uninjured.

Two collisions also occurred Wednesday morning on the Hood Canal Bridge. One accident occurred when a Bremerton man was rear-ended by a Ford pickup truck after he attempted to stop for another collision. The Bremerton man was in turn rear-ended by a Gig Harbor woman, who was taken to Harrison Medical Center with chest and neck injuries.

About an hour later another spun out in front of three others heading west. A Port Orchard man stopped but was struck by a McCleary driver operating a tractor trailer, who was then struck by a Bainbridge Island driver. No major injuries were reported.

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