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Laff and a Half: "nocrazylawsuits.com"

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I happened across this website today: nocrazylawsuits.com
The site appears to be part of a campaign to defeat pending Washington legislation intended to provide greater rights to (among others) people whose children are killed by the negligence of others and new homeowners.

This site is sponsored by Liability Reform Coalition and the usual suspects (insurance companies and certain trade organizations).

Note that the site encourages people to “click here to learn more.” Well, you won’t. The link doesn’t take you to the text of the legislation. I guess they’re afraid you might actually read it. Rather, the link simply takes you to an automated ” personal message to legislators” where the subject line is “Vote no on…”

There are good arguments to be made on both sides of these issues. However, the tactics employed by this site–which I can’t even call slick–are shameless and just plain goofy.

For another view, please visit the Washington Trial Lawyers’ Association’s site describing pending legislative efforts on behalf of injured persons.