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Pants Judge Refuses to Give In

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Administrative Judge Roy L. Pearson was back in court this week fending off the defendants’ attempts to collect attorneys’ fees. Readers will recall that Judge Pearson sued a Korean Dry Cleaner in D.C. for $54 million dollars when they neglected to return his slacks. He claimed that the sign in the store ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ violated D.C.’s Consumer Protection Act.

Pearson filed an opposition motion to the Chungs’ petition for attorney’s fees. These latest efforts by Pearson are just another example of his quixotic persecution of the dry cleaner. The Chungs attorney asserts, as always, that Judge Pearson’s claims are wholly without merit.

A formal inquiry into whether to retain Pearson as a judge has begun. The Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges will formalize its decision shortly as to whether Judge Roy L. Pearson remains on the bench.